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The JustRace systems promote and encourage fair and competitive racing. No more wreckers. No more empty servers. Simply choose your favourite sim, track and car and get racing.

About RaceManiacs

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RaceManiacs is a friendly sim-racing community for everyone, providing races and events for all major sim platforms.

More about RaceManiacs

RaceManiacs was founded in 2017. We are mainly GT car enthusiasts.

So, we started to provide our own GTE/GT2/GT3 server to the Assetto Corsa community.

The idea was to unite likeminded drivers, who looked for clean, fair racing fun.

Today we are much bigger, we provide servers for AC, ACC, rF2, but the motto stays the same

"Drive clean, drive fair, have fun".

We are very happy, that the JustRace Team gave us the chance to participate in their system, which will give us the possibility to expand our future activities towards competitive racing too.

Many things are to come, so please stay tuned.

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